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We started Cipla Health with a vision of becoming the most preferred consumer healthcare company in India. At CHL, consumer is at the centre and innovation is our guiding spirit. We want to create solutions that meet the unmet needs of consumers in a way that seamlessly fits in with their daily lives.

We are not a pill popping nation. We prefer our grand mom’s home remedies over tablets/supplements and we believe in managing health with as little medication as possible. Hence, the challenge we decided to take on was how to create healthcare solutions which can easily mesh with our lifestyle on a daily basis. This pushed us to dig deep into the consumer's mind and innovate. We went to thousands of consumers and did extensive research over a period of a year trying to find their genuine needs and understanding what works and what doesn’t. We collected a gold mine of information and carved out some valuable consumer insights that gave us direction. Using those insights as a beacon, we went to the market with our first product – Nicotex.

The story of Nicotex is a unique one. It is not a new product. What’s new is what we’ve done with it. Its transition from a purely pharmaceutical brand to an everyday consumer healthcare brand is a very exciting story, one that’s won us quite a few awards too. Since then we have launched a number of other brands, and a lot more are in the pipeline. All our products are based on the distinct consumer insights we’ve received and driven by the spirit of delivering solutions in innovative ways right into the existing lifestyle of a consumer.

Our Story

Our Story

Cipla Health was born out of a desire to get closer to the consumer and make a difference to their everyday life. Making the consumer’s life better is the very reason for our existence and to achieve this we went out to the market seeking insights on the Indian consumer. We spent a year understanding the consumer and trying to gauge their healthcare needs.

Consumers today are aware and concerned about their health. Ensuring a healthy living with a hectic lifestyles is a challenge for them. They are looking for solutions that can help fulfil their healthcare needs, without the intrusion of a needle or a pill. They are looking for solutions that augment, and not impinge upon their already busy lifestyle.

With this insight came the realization that if we need to make a difference to such a consumer base, then innovation has to be the core of our existence. So we rolled up our sleeves, armed ourselves with the volumes of data we had gathered over a year and got down to finding innovative healthcare solutions for the Indian consumer.

Our products are distilled out of this journey and reflect the core objective of innovation – be it Nicotex and its unique variants or Immuno Booster and its unique format. We aspire to deliver more products and solutions which reflect our core purpose of finding innovative solutions for consumers. We have set ourselves the task of finding the missing pieces of the consumer’s healthcare journey, and we shall continue to do so with every passing day.

Shaping tomorrow

Shaping tomorrow

It is our quest to build a healthy and strong future for the Indian consumer. Nicotex, our largest brand, underlines this theme.

Nicotex is not merely a nicotine replacement product. At its heart it is a movement for a healthier Indian, one that works with you as a trusted companion to help you reach a better tomorrow.

Our products and brands are driven by the vision of creating a better future for the consumer. It is our constant endeavour to find solutions that will help make people’s lives better by leading them to a healthier lifestyle, a brighter tomorrow and a more balanced existence.

Life at Cipla Health

Life at Cipla Health

Here at Cipla Health, we believe that we haven’t merely joined an organization, but have signed up for the mammoth task of improving the consumer’s life. Our daily endeavours are fuelled by the desire to make it work for the consumer. We make every possible effort to understand them better and find effective solutions.

We are a team of entrepreneurs who want to be a part of this process of creation. We may have had a humble beginning, but we have our eyes set on the stars. The team here is driven by the thought of creating something new and leaving a legacy which helps make a real difference in this world.

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  • 2013
    Extensive Research in
    Consumer Healthcare – 2013

  • 2014
    Launch of Nicotex as
    an OTC brand – August 2014

  • 2016
    Becoming an Independent
    Company – 1st March 2016

    Launch of ActivKids Immuno Boosters
    Our first independently
    developed product in a unique format – November 2016

  • 2017
    Completed one year of independent
    operations – 1st March 2017

    Moving into our
    new office – March 2017

Corporate History

At Cipla, it is our vision to become the most preferred consumer healthcare company in India. When we started out with our quest to create innovative health solutions for our consumers, we realized it is important to understand their needs first. So we conducted thousands of surveys to understand their genuine needs in healthcare and lifestyle. The year 2013 was a year of gathering tremendous amount of insights into the consumer.

The launch of Nicotex as an OTC brand in August 2014 was our first milestone as a company. While it was an existing brand, it only existed in the doctor’s prescription. The transition to OTC brought it close to the customer and started a journey of consumer education which still continues. The media campaigns around it have won us a number of awards since then.

In August 2015 we got our first independent Investor, Fidelity who joined our journey by investing in our future. In March 2016 CHL spun off as an independent subsidiary of Cipla.

The next milestone was the launch of our first independently developed product – ActivKids Immuno Boosters (AKIB) in November 2016. It is a perfect example of good science meeting good sensorial – an immunity boosting product for kids, delivered in the form of a chocolate – a format kids already love.

Numerous other products are in the pipeline, all based on extensive research, deep consumer insight and a constant endeavor to offer consumers solutions that give them what they need with the least amount of disruption.