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People at Cipla Health


People First

The Promise of Cipla Health

Leadership –

Envision: Create the vision, set directions and standards.
Engage: Persuade and influence the key decision makers to shape the outcome.
Enable and Energise: Build capability, break barriers for the team and manage complexity.
Execute with Excellence: Deliver on promises (time, quality and cost) with optimum resources.

Collaboration internally and externally –

Inspire trust by pro-actively networking with the right people at the right time with the right data; go beyond ‘functional and regional boundaries’.

Build Capability -

Invest in people: Train, mentor & coach team members
to build leaders for tomorrow.



Do the ‘right thing’ always

Be fair and transparent in all dealings.
Strive to be ethical and trustworthy.
Be data based and intellectually honest.
Never compromise on safety, quality & stewardship.



‘Promises Made; Promises Kept’ and ‘Scarcity Mind-set’

Promises Made, Promise Kept: Accept personal accountability to meet needs of the business and the organisation. Do things with the long-term success in mind.
Walk the Talk: Show consistency between your words and actions.
Apologise: Own up mistakes, learn from them and never repeat them.
Scarcity Mind-set: Treat company’s assets as your own assets.



‘Win via Excellence Consistently’

Nurture a Passion for Winning Consistently: Be the best at what matters the most.
Innovation is the corner stone of our success: Treat every challenge as an opportunity for innovation.
Envision: Set a clear vision for the way forward and standards.
Engage: Persuade and influence the key decision makers to shape the outcome.
Enable, Energise and Execute: Build team’s capability, break barriers and help in executing with excellence.


People work best on a “foundation of trust”

Work as ‘One Team’: Mutual dependency (not individual heroics) is a “way of life” and “route for winning”.
Back team members even in their absence.
Respect everyone irrespective of hierarchy and role.

Externally Focussed

Consumer is the boss

Develop superior understanding and
winning relationships with ‘Consumer’, ‘Customer’ and ‘stakeholders’.
Bring Outside-In perspective to consistently benchmark best practices and be a good corporate citizen.