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Need for relief from sore throat

Sore throat (pharyngitis) is a very common medical condition and indicates inflammation of the throat. A sore throat is often the first sign of cold or influenza and most, in fact 85-90%, are caused by viruses. Most cases of acute sore throat due to upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs), triggered by a range of viruses, are usually not serious and are self-limiting, generally improving within 1 week.

The symptoms of sore throat vary between individuals and include a local mild discomfort with a scratchy-like sensation, swelling, pain with a ‘raw’ sensation and difficulty in swallowing.

Sore throat, especially those caused by viruses, are treatable with rest; drinking plenty of fluids; and over-the-counter pain medicine like medicated lozenges. Simple salt water gargling, may also relieve the discomfort often associated with sore throat. Sore throats that are caused by bacteria can be serious and require antibiotics.

Benefits of Cofsils Cough Drop

Cofsils Cough Drop is a lozenge which provides quick relief from sore throat with the goodness of 41 Herbs.

  • Provides quick relief from Sore Throat

    Provides quick relief from Sore Throat

  • Goodness of 41 Herbs

    Goodness of 41 Herbs

Our Product Range

Cofsils Cough Drop is available in Menthol flavour across India.